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Saturday, November 11, 2006

PRSA Assembly Update

Well, the PRSA Assemby is finished for 2006. It was an interesting time. While some of the things the PRSA Boston Chapter wanted, were not approved, the majority of them were. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to serve as a delegate this year, and am also proud to report that we kept up the "rabble-rousing" tradition set forth by Pat and Paul. Many delegates told us during the morning that they were considered that without those two here, Boston would be quiet...but in the afternoon we received at least a dozen complements that we were keeping up the tradition.

Barbara Wellnitz and Steve Quigley did a great job as the other Boston delegates and clearly communicated our (and your) thoughts.

For the highlight/recaps:

1) The means for the assembly to pass resolutions was clearly defined (although some last minute added language made things ambiguous).

2) As a result of that the Central Michigan proposal was soundly defeated. (93% opposed)

3) The vote to eliminate proxy voting was defeated (97 to 175). We were in the minority suppoting it, and I think the Assembly made a mistake, but we will see how it plays out.

4) What makes it even more interesting is during new business a resolution was passed directing the Board to look into ways to delegates to participate via conference call, videoconference or web conference. So while we made it easier to have votes at the assembly via proxy voting, we are potentially obviating the need for proxies.

5) The "Emergency Proposal" was defeated. This was a good call. The Board has almost completed policies on this topic, and there was too much wigle room for parliamentary chicanery.

There are some new benefits PRSA National is rolling out to members, including a Web respurce where practitioners can find RFPs for new business!

More later. I am off to have dinner with other PR folks from the Northeast District


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