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Sunday, November 12, 2006

First day conference report

The first day is off to a great start. They reported we have 2,400 at the International Conference (although I believe they took some liberties by including PRSSA in the total, so it is more about 1,600). Still an impressive gathering.

The keynote speakers were great, with Tavis Smiley challenging listeners to change their thinking. He was driving home some familiar points "having values adds value" and he took a dig a "reputation management" stating that corporations should work to create reputations that do not need to be managed. (I heard a lot of comments on that line throughout the day). He had some other very interesting thoughts, that I don't have time to explore right now, if I want to keep these posts short (as I want to).

As KDPayne indicates in her blog (http://kdpaine.blogs.com/), Tavis Smiley was one of the most influential speakers she has ever heard. I almost completely agree with her, but would put Mike Paul "The Reputation Doctor" up there as well (http://www.mikepaulblog.com/blog/). She has the highlights of his speech on her blog, you should check it out.

After that I went to a Jim Lukaszewski "Master Class" on "Why Should The Boss Listen to You" or as I think of it - better understanding the CEO and presenting ideas in a way to break through the clutter.

He has some interesting tidbits to share:

- Don't worry about getting a seat at the table. If you do your job right, you are the table.
- Something I have always believed - PR pros need to read more management books (check out HBR, your CEO does)
- Restrain your creativity. Every idea comes with a price tag (budget and time). Better to present a few essential ideas than a laundry list to show your creativity.
- Negative feedback is failure. Be positive and coach. Positive language reduces the time you need to communicate your idea by 10%; constructive coaching reduces it a further 10%; and focusing on outcomes reduces the time by 25%. It lets you get more done and have an impact on the organization.

More later. Off to the Welcome Dinner now.

Next year's conference is in Philadelphia. It would be great to see more PRSA Boston members there.


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