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Friday, September 21, 2007

Valleywag Sucks!

Not really. I actually like reading it quite a bit. But I wanted to lead with that because it was just one of many entertaining comments I heard at the Social Media Club Boston event last night. (Note: The quote was from Dan Lyons stating that they didn't out him as the Fake Steve Jobs)

PRSA puts on great programs, but we are not the only font of PR knowledge. Judging by the number of PRSA members I saw there, you all agree with me.

I wanted to share a few interesting snippits from the event:

Josh Bernoff’s advice to companies planning to engage the blogosphere (POST):

P—Profile (who are you trying to reach)
O—Objectives (What do you want to do?)
T—Technology (How do you want to do it?).

It is a mistake to pick a Tech and build from it (i.e. What are we going to do with Facebook?).

He also stated companies need to have one of five goals before creating their blog and engaging in the blogosphere:

Energizing (getting people to help you sell your stuff)
Embracing—Get other people to help you design your next product/services (i.e. Dell and the Linux PC)

Have something to measure against. (a common theme of mine, so I was glad to hear it) What’s the goal? Not just “we need to”

They summed it up nicely – Social media is only bad for liars.

We will continue some of this discussion at the PRSA September event on measurement on 9/25. See you then.

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