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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Great networking night

For those of you that missed the PRSA Boston networking night last night at the Long Wharf Marriott, you missed a great event. There were about 40 PR pros there from agencies (SHIFT came out in force), corporations, non-profits and educational institutions.

I met some new members and learned some new things about existing members. (I never knew we had a PR pro that focused solely on PR for chocolate and chocolate companies. Now *that* is cool). Best of all, she gave me recommendations of what chocolate to buy for my wife. (I am keeping that in reserve and make the trek to Mike's Pastry for some cannoli).

The discussions were interesting ranging from diversity to social media to Mattel and taking control of your career.

Thanks to the Marriott for a great venue.

I hope to see everyone at our September measurement event...


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