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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Vendor musings

One of the good things about the International Conference was the ability to meet with a number of the main vendors to PR agencies quickly (Don't worry we will be doing it for everyone in Boston in January 2007).

Two random thoughts struck me from some vendor conversations I have had over the past few weeks and I wanted to make a recommendation and pose a question to my readers:

1) Measurement - All the typical measurement vendors were either at the PRSA International Conference vendor showcase or speaking. (Cymphony did a very good job). The best measurement discussion I had though was over drinks with Katie Paine at the Tech Section bash. KDPaine introduced me to a new, low priced but seemingly relatively effective offering - DIYDashboard.com. It won't meet everyone's needs, but I was wondering if any PRSA Boston members had used it and had thoughts to share. (In the interests of transparency, I have heard multiple pitches from measurement vendors, neither Schwartz nor I currently use any of their services although we are exploring options). This is not an endorsement of DIYDashboard, but it caught my attention, and I hadn't heard much about it so I wanted to see if anyone else had feedback to share?

2) SEO - It's a hot topic and both BusinessWire and PR Newswire have offerings for SEO for press releases. (I use both BusinessWire and PR Newswire). They seem to be taking different approaches. BusinessWire has you focus on editing it yourself and seeing immediate impact. PR Newswire used a third-party firm to optimize and the impact seems to be long-term but not short term. Have any PRSA Boston members used these services from the wires and have any thoughts to share? I personally plan to try both for some of my clients in the next few months.

Note: PRSA Boston and PRSA is completely neutral and does not endorse any vendors. Use whomever best fits your needs.

Hopefully this type of post will get more discussion going.


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