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Monday, October 15, 2007

Changing the Face of PRSSA

At the upcoming Assembly, there is going to be a resolution to change the face of PRSSA, specifically "NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED

That the 2007 PRSA Assembly of Delegates directs the Board of Directors to appoint a task force consisting of representatives of the Educational Affairs Committee, the Educators Academy, the PRSSA National Committee, and other PRSA members at large to develop a strategic approach to expanding and promoting the affiliate program and to develop a plan of action to work with universities and colleges to qualify their curricula under the PRSA Bylaws for a PRSSA charter. The task force shall be directed to report on its deliberations and actions to the 2008 PRSA Assembly of Delegates."

Its proponents argue in favor of it with the following points.

    1. This resolution creates a mechanism by which PRSA and its education-related entities work collaboratively with PRSSA to identify mechanisms to expand PRSSA opportunities to more students and more colleges/universities, rather than placing PRSA and its National Assembly in the position of appearing to dictate to PRSSA what its policies and practices re membership and chapters should be.

    2. This resolution advances PRSSA, the profession and the professional by improving public relations education through a strategic effort to work with universities and colleges to qualify their curricula under the PRSA bylaws for a PRSSA chapter.

    3. This resolution promotes nurturing and growing PRSSA membership, but does so through a commitment to institutions that meet the spirit and standards of the PRSA/PRSSA mission to prepare students for the contemporary and future practice.

    4. Holding all PRSSA members and Chapters to the same set of high standards creates a climate of equity and equality so that all members and chapters are held in the same high regard.

    5. A PRSSA Affiliate program already exists to embrace students interested in public relations at institutions not yet meeting requirements or applying for a PRSSA Chapter charter.

    6. That Affiliate program has just completed its pilot year, but is still in the embryonic stage of development and could benefit by expansion and promotion. We at least need to give it a better shot than we have to this point.

    What do you think? How do you want your Boston delegates to vote?


  • At 2:54 PM, Blogger darlene said…

    As the student advisor to Bridgewater State college's PRSSA, I can say that any additional support from national would be beneficial. While Bridgewater might not be a prime example, as they were just granted accreditation this past year, I can tell you that their particular group is as far removed from PRSA as could possibly be. Further, I've never recieved anything from National regarding the school and believe formalizing the process would better help those of us directly involved with PRSSA get PRSA's agenda across.


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