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Monday, March 19, 2007

What do you want?

I was reading the brohaha re: PRSA and O'Dwyer's over the weekend, and also had an editor forward me their blog post decrying poor PR people. (Thankfully she indicated the agency I work for is not in the mix). You can read about it here. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts.

One of the core elements I want to come from my presidency is to have PRSA Boston serve its members with the programming and networking that they desire and need. We will be unveiling the "free" programming shortly (We just need to nail down a few dates).

But while most of our monthly programs are set for the year, we still have some room to adjust our schedule. What topics are of most interest to you? What do you want to see us discussing? We are here for PRSA Boston members, and value your input. So chime in by emailing me or posting some comments.


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