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Friday, January 05, 2007

Get more from your PRSA Membership

Good morning,

Like I suspect many of you, I believe PRSA National sends us just a few too many emails. (Yes, I have told them that repeatedly). But it has come to my attention that some of you have not been receiving what I consider to be the best email PRSA National sends.

Every day they send an email containing news of interest to PR Professionals. (Now when they do it via RSS I will be very happy). But until then, it is the one email from them I always open, and most of the time there is at least one or two articles or interest.

If you do not receive it, you should:

Follow this link and log in: http://iweb.prsa.org/iweb/Profile/EditProfile.aspx

Click the Communications Preferences tab and click the box next to where it says Daily news monitoring service on industry trends, advocacy and other issues impacting the profession

You will need to be signed into Membernet in order to change your communication preferences!

If you do not have your Membernet userid or password, please contact our IT department at membernet@prsa.org or follow this


Enjoy! As always, feel free to contribute comments- do you find the emails useful? Are there any other hidden gems from National you want to share?


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